Please have a look at our first video which gives an insight into luxury London New Homes designed by
​St George Property and a special interview by London's best and most famous interior designer Karen Howe.

Property Videos
  1. West End Gate, London
    Berkley Homes are one the most recognised luxury developers in the world. they have many projects including West End Gate which is moment from Hyde Park.
  2. Virginia Waters by Octagon Homes
    Octagon Homes are a British Developer with the aim of producing outstanding residential properties
  3. 375 Kensington High Street
    Another fantastic development at the heart of West London


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Luxury Shopping

London is truly an exceptional City. It is a world city with endless attractions and history
Seeing the most expensive and luxury cars in London is now an attraction in itself! London has some of the most amazing and exclusive shops in the world. It is the shopping destination of the rich and famous
Queen Elizabeth II is the longest ruling monarch in British history, she has served her country all her life and is respected across the world. The British Monarchy is at the heart of our stability and culture.